Hey. Today is Monday. 22 October 2012.

2012? Seriously? Woah. So today I write a first post in this blog, in 2012. Hahaha it's been a long time since my last post, last year 2011. Hahaha macam tak percaya. But that's the reality, since I am a PMR candidate this year so I was trying to stay away from this cute lappy and study. Study? Hmm were you study for real? Haha not so I think. I keep watching those Kpop stuff way more than studying. MUAHAHA. But now It's already November and the PMR IS OVER yeaaaaaaaaah /clap clap clap/

And InsyaAllah I'll try to manage this blog as more as I can. And I want to active in writing again. Hehe. So, talk about me. Nothing chaged I think. But that Duck is died already. LOL no It's a joke. Haha he's studying at a college which mean, he has his own job to do and now I am just his lil' sister. And I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE now. Yeah /clap clap/

But my status is still not single since I have two boyfriends now. Yeah sounds like a queenkas right? Haha no It's a joke guys. They are Lee Byunghun and Lee Minhyuk. Yeah they are my boyfriends. In your dream. Yea Fieka, in your dream. It's only just your dream. But I think it is worth to fall in love with those guys than a real one. I don't know why since when I hate all of the couple² stuff. Eww. 

Let me tell ya, I don't know since when I realized from my those habits like texting with boy, talking until late night, chatting, oh mannnnnn that's so nauseating. And I just realize that those kind of stuff are annoying, those stuff can waste of your money, your creds, your time, your future and everything! Yeah everything! So, after that, I just concentrate on my study and start to be serious in all my action. 

However, I am still a Kpop fan. Hehe. I know that'll waste of your time too, but it is better than flirting right. Come on buddies, we are still young! We have our future! So don't waste your time to your boyfriend. If you're smart, you will not being trapped to those sweet words of a guy. That's just my opinion.

Yes, It's great I'd realized all those consequence. And I am free now like I said above and I promise to study hard first then get a good job and then it's the time to think about a boyfriend and then get maried! Whooo-yeah. Great. I'm proud of you Fieka (Y)