tired. letih. but fun !

Assalamualaikum. Letih siaaa harini. Tadi pergi shopping a lotsof stuff with my pwetty mama. And went to the kedai emas to buy a ring for my brother's engagement and we all was like *pening nak pilih* Memang rambang mata gila sebab semua jewels kat sana cantik oh. And lastly my mum pilih yang have a lotsof berlian and I kinda jealous. hahah. *alah nanti aku kawin seksok dapat jugak kan* Then we go for some tudung's shop but just tengok-tengok jee. And balik rumah je terus tidur and do nothing !! okay so what about my homeworks ? YEAH sikit pun tak sentuh and I now I was likeee -..-' *so lazy you know* but I don't know why I feel so happy today. hahah. Maybe because I got a cute shot. LOL. yeah sometimes we have to feel cute right ?

*hihi. keret kan*

Okay guys. I'm done here. Now dah pukul 7.15 and lagi 15 minit nak berbuka !!1 yeah finally. So bye and Selamat Berbuka Puasa semua :)

lazy fiekaaa

*my face gonna be like thiss*

Assalamualaikum. Hye peeps. Okay sekarang dah pukul 12.32am ~ entah ah rasa macam fresh je malam ni and tak mengantuk lansung *big smile*  and what I'm gonna write is..WHY I AM SO LAZY ? okay hari ni hari Jumaat and I did nothing today !1!! and I don't know why sedangkan I have shoo many homeworks to finish ! ughh *hantuk kepala kat meja* I have to finish Folio for Geografi subject , Pendidikan Islam stuff , and Science for Peka. Ya Allah what I did today ! bangun tido dahlah lewat dalam pukul 11 maybe *cough* then watching tv like a boss for 146682743 hours. Then in the evening I went out with girlfriend and did some stupid stuff like laughing badly at the garden. Haha ;D and now you know what , I feel so menyesal like hell ! Seriously. And tomorrow I have to go out with my mum wanna do some shopping stuff and maybe balik lewat. Dan agaknya bila aku boleh siapkan homework semua ni ? *nak bunuh diri* Haha joking. Doakan Fieka biar sempat siapkan semua tu ek guys ;) Okay stop here. Bye.

homeworks sucks !

Assalamualaikum. Hyee guys. Okay sekarang dah pukul 10 and I'm still sitting on the bed doing stupid stuff like tweeting facebooking youtubing ! ughh. *ketuk-ketuk kepala* actually I have to do correction for Sejarah exam paper but guys , I dah cari merata tempat and can't find it. Seriously nak marah gila. *brb* *crying*  ahh itsokey. Keep cool and be crazy. Tomorrow must be an awesome day. Nanti kena denda. Maybe. hee ~ okay ah I got to go now ;) ciao

Guys. Finally ! yeah ;)

Assalamualaikum. Hyeee. Hoi. Huu. Hahha. Okay guys here I wanna tell you  I'm shoo happy tat I'm done create this blog ! Ohgadd thanks alot ;) Okay sekarang saya buntu. Don't know what to say. Almaklumlah ni first time. ecece. Outdated betol kan saya ? Okay okay I need to stop here. Meet you guys later maybe ;D byee.

Hello World ! My First Blog Post :)

Finally, I have a blog. Am I the last one to start writing about my daily occurrences – sharing them with the world ? I think I'm not too late right ? haha :D
Hello good people of the world who read my first Post !
Will blogging more soon ! Be and keep follow me okay ~