Missing You

As I lay here, thinking of you. All my thoughts, Gray and Blue. I wish I could see you, I wish I could. Then maybe my life could be understood. But, still I'm down and thinking of you. I miss you, I miss Ramadhan month when I said Hye to you. And you smiled. You asked me how's my school. I said everything's okay. And that were really akward since we not talk for many years. Then I was like very embarassed to talk with you. Oh God, I can't tell how cute your smile, your eyes, your lips. I know it was akward but I tried my best to start a conversation. I said to him 'Its been long time since childhood right ?' then you replied 'ahh forget it lah' aww you really made me felt like wanna bite you ! I still remember our childhood memories when you hold my hand. aww. Tears falling. But time move fast right ? And we already grow up now. Actually, I thought you already had someone, but you said not. I don't believe at first but then you asked for my number. Oh I'm flying. Then a few days later, you had to back to Kuala Lumpur. And I was like 'don't gooooo' but what can I do. But, lucky I still can contact you. You texted me 'Budak, nanti saya balik lagi. Don't worry' aww how can you fall for me while I'm short and ugly and chubby and asdfghjkl. Haha you really made my day Daniel. I will never forget you. saranghae ♥